Fountain Candles

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So what is a Fountain Candle?

It is a safe form of an indoor sparkling fountain that gives an amazing display when lit safely (Click here to see our User & Safety Guide).

Fountain Candles are used to make the perfect start to any celebration, such as accompanying a bottle of champagne, a PR event, arrival of a cake, or even a dessert. The Candles light instantly, last for approximately 60 seconds and conforms to British Standards & European Regulations –  EN14035-15. Our Fountain Candles are high quality, not toxic, virtually smoke free and odourless. It is the perfect opportunity to add some extra sparkle and guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

They may also be referred to as Ice Fountains, Champagne Candles, Dessert Fountains and Indoor Roman Candle. Our Fountain Candles are better than the other fountain candles on the market and more spectacular! Beware cheaper alternatives on the market as the cheaper they are the higher the smoke content. If you’re looking for quality you have found the right company!